Justin Geeting Fort Wayne Realtor

I have worked in the real estate field as an agent for 8 years. Previously, I worked in construction, wood working and building materials. I understand what constitutes a quality home. I am a former owner of my own real estate firm. I sold my business for a simplier life. I always deal with people honestly and I am known for this. I humbly serve each client and treat them like family. I understand the emotional side of the human. I am very perceptive with human emotion. I enjoy communicating with my clients through text, phone calls, email or Facebook. I am in constant contact with my clients and I continue to educate my clients. My goal is by the end of the process the individual can walk into a house and know what looks good and what the difference between good and bad building materials are. I also make sure we have a good time! I look forward to serving you!



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